O   L I L L I P U T   A N D   B A C K   volume one

Produced / Recorded by Marcelo Radulovich Recorded on an analog cassette 4-track (San Diego, Los Angeles & Costa Rica 1988 - 1996)
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Titles : (listen to it at LastFM)
01. Trailblazer
02. b/Music-d/Rhythm
03. In That Scene
04. The Land Of Between
05. Luciernagas
06. Aquatica/I'm In The Mood For Love
07. Up/Down
08. Gol Del Pico
09. Since 1976
10. Drugs
11. Riding The Storm
12. Ostrich After Midnight
13. That's The Whole Point Of Watching It
14. No Hay Que Preocuparse Por Nada
15. Magic Show
16. Tell It To Another Muscle
17. Cambia De Paso
18. Non-Stop Floater
(featuring: The Assholes)
19. Vamos (The Moment of Discovery)
20. El Batido
21. Love Administer

Marcelo Radulovich follows up his acclaimed first album with To Liliput & Back volume one, an album composed mostly of 4-track demos and other home projects. From his trademark funk grooves and sampled constructions (or are they deconstructions?) to ambient excursions, it is packed full of Marcelo's magical musical musings. His eponymous debut cd (ALP003), a blend of funk, jazz and sampled psychedelia, was released in October '94 and received significant college airplay on alternative, jazz, world, and Latin shows.

"Wonderfully experimental & progressive, this musical collagist has probed the bizarre inventions of Mother Zappa & the laughter of that once-in-the-pink madcap, and with clocks and hand drums, a nod to Fripp & Eno, spanish munchkins, keyboards that emit celestial ether, and sounds only found by spinning the tuning dial of a radio, follows his muse through an innerworld of oddly seductive night-flights."
Music Advocate

"This is an enjoyment whether on something or not."

"Just when music seems to have hit an originality roadblock, along comes a musician like Marcelo Radulovich."
The Scene