Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2001)
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(case of the missing) THUMB was assembled using mainly phonographies, or field recordings, and treated tapes of analog synth pieces. The 43-minute blend bends and reshapes itself through painterly textures, and recurring sounds / events like flowing water and small, explosive movements. This merge of spaces and time periods plus a well chosen palette of electronics and instrumentation, creates a captivating experience.

"One of the most engaging releases to emerge from the deep ambient quarter, this disc dives into a sonic realm that is at once spooky and embracing. It's composed entirely of field recordings, from both nature and urban settings, but what sets it apart is Radulovich's sure hand in layering and editing. Much like Eric La Casa, there's an emotional resonance here that speaks to the unconscious; in addition, there are just enough melodic and rhythmic elements to color and drive the piece, without imposing themselves."
Earth Ear

"...a fluid and impressionistic Ambient composition rich with environmental overtones. The dense swirl of sound approximates a dream that yields only clues with no referent: swirling water, footsteps, hives of voices, tangles of bells. Pendant harmonics fold in upon themselves,collapsing into blackhole drones or metallic clatter....Thumb comes over like a fantastic travelogue, allusive - and elusive...."
Philip Sherburne (The Wire, Fall 2001)

"Marcelo Radulovich's (case of the missing) THUMB presents a panorama of synthesized and natural sounds and sews the diverse threads of its source material into a seamless and rich tapestry....It's airy, colourful and satisfyingly laid back, in a very Californian way."
Dan Warburton (Signal to Noise, Fall 2001)