Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2000-2002)
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Titles : (listen to it at LastFM)
01. Ziplock Tub
02. Earthworm
03. Greeter
04. Amp
05. Extract Hell Out of O
06. Cante Marito
07. Caterpillar
08. Dervishes
09. Discoteca
10. Rice and Beans
11. Version 115b

Hello is composed of audio manipulations based on vocal improvisations, using percussive patterns, and the word hello.

The work features shifts in time (looping, stretching / compressing audio files), spikes and drones of digital making, microtonal melodies, rumbles, phonographies, erratic cuts, beats, and spliced creative improvisations by guest musicians (Michael Dessen, Nathan Hubbard, Hans Fjellestad, Jason Robinson, Damon Holzborn, Marcos Fernandes and others).

BEST OF 2002
Radio Centraal (Antwerp, Belgium)

"Chilean-born Radulovich crosses the line to the positively mythopoeic. Characteristically working with a mix of samples, loops, processed sounds and field recordings, Radulovich has built Hello around percussive patterns and looped and treated samples of the word "hello." But into these formal parameters Radulovich has crash-landed a bizarre magic unrealist exploration of the invented prophet Titicacaman: a myth so potent that fragments have burst their bounds.... The music dances in a crazed Bataille-like sunshine of looped "hello" chants, found sounds, telephone dial-up tones, primal screams and marketplace banter."
Matt Ffytche - The Wire, 12/2002

"This is superb audio crunch work. Lots of sampling, loops, leitmotivs creating an effective pastiche of wacked juxtapositions. Maximal plunderphonica done ESP jazz style. Stretched samples, wanked sounds, wrenched bites. Recommended for those who enjoy deep, dark, and in-your-face."
wReck thiS meSS (Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam)

"In the tradition of some of John Zorn's experimental group recordings, this album succeeds at various levels in its ability to combine disparate sounds, including noise, in a coherent whole. Like Zorn, Marcelo Radulovich acts in the joint role of performer and catalyst/leader, combining clips and snippets of sound at an alarming rate. Radulovich's palette is unique, using some everyday sounds, such as a ringing telephone, snippets from Country singer Hank Williams, and static, and throwing them together in a big pot. The results may not be charming, but they are intriguing and even discombobulated, disturbing and tormenting: In a word, fascinating. Words and phrases are endlessly repeated, horns blare from the rafters for split seconds, and ambient tones intermingle with it all. Along the way, Radulovich inserts what he calls phonographies, which are excerpts from live scenes, such as street musicians in Costa Rica, or a random aural snapshot of downtown San Francisco. While it may appear oddball at first blush, there is such variety and a sense of wonder that it somehow pulls together delightfully...."
Steven Loewy - All Music Guide (4 stars)

"Dense electronic sculptures, intricately detailed and bent on destroying your eardrums on this CD in from the "Accretions" label. Latin-tinged electronic grunge, if you will. It's very interesting, actually, especially on tunes like "Earthworm", which could be the soundtrack for a movie of the same name (imagine that). Radulovich seems particularly effective at manipulating the electronics to emulate the scene he's imagining, in a sonically visual way, rather than a mental image. I can (nearly) see that damn worm wiggling to th' samba of answering machines & touch tone pulses that runs in the background. The sound quality is excellent, nothing missed, nothing muddled. I should forewarn you, though... if you've never listened to experimental sonics before, you may want to start with something more gentle. Those who've been riding th' waves of sound experiment for some years now will agree with me when I say that it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Definitely not what you'll be expecting, with twists & turns even the most jaded listener will find pleasantly surprising."
Rotcod Zzaj - Improvijazzation Nation (issue #58)

"This one has extensive mythological liner notes, and beautiful illustrations that are reproduced so small that they're almost lost. What it sounds like is a highly hallucinatory, constantly shifting sound collage of noise, found sounds, instrumental and vocal improvisations, percussion, turntables, and more. When there are instruments present they are often tweaked beyond recognition, sometimes it's chaos that congeals into a form for a while before dissolving again. Shimmering schools of blue rubber fish wiggle through the bright orange water, loops of whooping mumbels add up to a noir tension with chattering ghosts, a small engine powers the songs of birds, and botanical wonders are produced by wishful thinking. Floating out of your body high in the tops of the trees, but constantly reminded of your mortal form by the repeated "Hellos" peppered throughout."
George Parsons - Dream Magazine

"If I ever meet Marcelo Radulovich, I'm going to punch him right in the nose. It's his fault that I almost had a damned heart attack in the middle of the supermarket last Sunday, listening to 'Ziplock Tub'...." MORE