Born in Santiago, Chile, raised in Costa Rica and California, Marcelo is a musician / multimedia artist / producer currently residing in beautiful Cardiff, CA, where he explores the binges and fringes of art at his home base, Titicacaman Studio.

As a musician, Marcelo has recorded and produced numerous CDs under his name as well as collaborated / performed with many creative players. As a visual artist, he has covered practically every media, lately devoting most of his time and creative juices to video.

Marcelo has performed and/or collaborated with Me Me The Moth (w/ Neil Carlill), Merry Go Down, Gunther's Grass, Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa), David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), japanese chanteuse and sound artist Haco, various members of Trummerflora, The Playground Slap and others.

In this site you will find samples of his work and information about current projects. Thanks for visiting.
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"...crosses the line to the positively mythopoeic.... Radulovich has crash-landed a bizarre magic unrealist exploration of the invented prophet Titicacaman: a myth so potent that fragments have burst their bounds...."
Matt Ffytche, The Wire (12/02)


H R O N O L O G Y :

2012 -
Developing Nice World, which is a duo with Jim Call.
2012 - Released the classic snot opera "Johnny and the Big Prairie Fire" by The Assholes, through Titicacaman Records. Buy at CD Baby.
2012 - Producing a challenging solo album using only an iPod and voice.
2011 - Continued development with video production : Radulovich songs + other audio visual experiments. Check them out: YouTube - Titicacaman TV
2011 - Titicacaman Records releases Legends & Robots by Radulovich as a physical and MP3 album.
2011 - Titicacaman Records releases Nicey Nice World's debut as a physical and MP3 album.
2011 - Titicacaman Records releases "Summer in Winter" as an MP3 album.
2010 - Birth of Nicey Nice World, new group comprised of Jim Call (The Penetrators) on theremin and organ, Joyce Rooks (The Dinettes) on cello and vocals, and Marcelo on samples, electronics and vocals. Nicey Nice World begins performing in October.
2010 - CD production : Radulovich "Dear Annex" finished and marked as first official MP3 release by Marcelo's label Titicacaman Records.
2009 - CD production : Radulovich "Dear Annex" 11 songs currently simmering in the studio.
2009 - Lots and lots of video production : Radulovich songs + other audio visual experiments. Check them out: YouTube - Titicacaman TV
2008 - CD production : Radulovich "Summer in Winter" 12 songs about a feverish, blundering time, full of anticipation and expectations.
2008 - CD production : Radulovich "Vertigo at Lunchtime" "I believe this album is so absurdly accessible, so humbly articulate, so ridiculously moving and catchy, it has the stature of a Pynchon novel or the finest Vonnegut."
2008 - CD production : Me Me The Moth "The Weirding Valley" Wonderful collaboration with Neil Carlill.
2007 - CD production : Radulovich "Mercurio" Engaging collection of "fresh and deeply inspiring" new songs.
2007 - CD production : Radulovich "Index" Re-mixed, re-mastered tracks from 2003. Part II of La Mano Poderosa
2006 - CD production : Nohayquepreocuparsepornada Collection of new songs, with Enrique "Bugs" Gonzalez on drums and Radulovich on all other instruments and voices.
2006 - CD production (co-produced with David Ybarra): The Playground Slap Collection of old songs from the vaults, one of Marcelo's first groups now reformed.
2005 - Contributed track to: HOMENAJE Compilation which celebrates the city of Madrid
2005 - Contributed track to: "CHRIS CUTLER: Twice Around the Earth" An experiment in listening
2004 - CD production: "THE EVIL ONES" Commissioned by members of Lower Left (Titicacaman studios)
2004 - CD production: "Trummerflora: RUBBLE 1" A compilation CD featuring Trummerflora projects (Titicacaman studios)
2004 - Contributed track to Sound Migration: An Exhibit of sound art and music which ran from March 24 to April 15 at the Pacific Design Center, Hollywood
2003 - CD production: "Restlight A + B" A collaboration with japanese vocalist/songwriter Haco (Titicacaman studios)
2003 - CD production: Radulovich "Index" (Titicacaman studios)
2003 - Video
2003 - Titicacaman performs new material at MCA (SD) and La Antigua Bodega de Papel (TJ) as part of Trummerflora's Spring Reverb Festival
2003 - Radulovich exhibits paintings at MCA (SD) as part of Trummerflora's Spring Reverb Festival
2002 - Titicacaman Studios evolves and spouts
2002 - West coast tour: Frontier Life / Titicacaman (U.S./B.C.)
2002 - Contributed 2 tracks for "Frontier Life" soundtrack
2002 - CD production: The Assholes "Johnny and the big prairie fire" (Titicacaman studios)
2002 - CD production: Radulovich "917" (Titicacaman studios)
2002 - Contributed track for "phonography.org - composers compilation 1"
2002 - Japan Tour: Hello Big Vigor
2002 - CD release: Radulovich "Hello" (Titicacaman studios)
2002 - Collaborated on two tracks on Jason Robinson's CD "Tandem"
2002 - Launch of www.titicacaman.com
2001 - Toured West Coast (US)
2001 - Awarded artist grant from C.I.C.A.
2001 - Contributed track for "phonography.org - 2"
2001 - Performed at SIGGRAPH conference as part of Andrea Polli's Intuitive Ocusonics
2001 - CD release: Radulovich "(case of the missing) THUMB"
2001 - CD release: TRUMMERFLORA - "No Stars Please"
2001 - Birth of improv outfit: QUIBBLE
2001 - Launch of phonography.org
2001 - Contributed track for "phonography.org - 1"
2000 - Toured West Coast (US)
2000 - Invited to perform "The Whisper Chipper" at BSXMF (Big Sur, CA)
2000 - CD release: RADULOVICH / FERNANDES: "The Whisper Chipper" (first Titicacaman Studios production)
2000 - Launch of www.marceloradulovich.com
2000 - Birth of Trummerflora musicians collective
2000 - Radulovich creates the Yahoo! phonography list (forum dedicated to field recordings)
1999 - CD release: TRUMMERFLORA - "...and the reindeer you rode in on"
1999 - CD release: Radulovich "2 BRAINS"
1998 - Contributed track for TRUMMERFLORA 2 Compilation
1998 - CD release: WORMHOLE EFFECT "The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer"
1997 - Toured West Coast (US) with WORMHOLE EFFECT
1997 - CD release: WORMHOLE EFFECT "Wormhole Effect"
1996 - M.R. & WORMHOLE EFFECT showcases in SXSW (Austin, TX)
1996 - CD release: Radulovich "To Lilliput and Back volume one"
1995 - Several performances by WORMHOLE EFFECT in Hong Kong as part of Cyberfest
1995 - CD release: TRUMMERFLORA 1 Compilation
1995 - Joined WORMHOLE EFFECT as bass player
1994 - CD release: Radulovich "Marcelo Radulovich" (first release on Accretions label)
1994 - Audio work in Utrecht, Holland under the patronage of C.I.C.A.