U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S :


Wrapping up production on a new album by a fantastic new trio called Nicey Nice World. The group features other veterans of the southern California new music scene, Jim Call (The Penetrators, Zirk Ubu) on theremin and organ, Joyce Rooks (The Dinettes, The Trowsers) on cello and voice and Marcelo on electronics and voice. Stay tuned for a release date and upcoming shows!

This thing is still on the table but I can't seem to finish it. I take from it and use somewhere else, but it as a whole... ?

Follow up to 1996's first volume of 4-track and mono cassette pieces.

In volume 2, the process involves taking analog cassette recordings, editing, filtering, modifying, re-assembling, and mixing with more recent, digitally captured sounds, using the stark contrast of tone to assist in the storytelling. Much like Radulovich's 2002 production of "Johnny and the big prairie fire" by The Assholes, this CD aims at being a sonic adventure which will "blaze through a parade of music and themes...."

The ongoing, the verbal maze, the lush, the window, the legend of our hero blindly unfolds. New chapters recently added.

A T E S T   W O R K S :


Tiny, fiery fairies in forests tangling garlic vines, legendary musician robots gather to entertain a crowd dressed in bright hues, consumers one and all. Lights flutter as projections of falcons plummeting race by, banners read TONIGHT WE CHALLENGE. Each attendant receives a bunny book at the entrance, a program adorned with erotic imagery depicting Alaskan drama, mating swimming clam diggers, lifesavers, sporting t-shirts reading Paris A Fortunate! Page 2 explains the goal, and why the underground....

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This collection of 11 songs offers a refreshing melodic quality, a keen rhythm sense, a kaleidoscope of lyrical imagery (several songs feature lyrics by Marcelo's friend and Me Me The Moth partner Neil Carlill). Guest performers include Chris Conner on trumpet and vocals, Bill Ray on drums. Available online through Titicacaman Records!

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Blocks of centuries frozen, clowns in smoky bars, a skinny kid and cantankerous Chuck at the senator's ball, green bears on soda cans and frolicking nuns of a new convent, such is the lyric stream in Marcelo's new album titled Summer in Winter, 12 songs about a feverish, blundering time, full of anticipation and expectations. Produced and recorded at his home studio between October and December of 2008, at the peak of the USA presidential elections, Summer in Winter picks up where Vertigo at Lunchtime (produced earlier in 2008) left off. The feel again points up, the mood is warm, the songs are short, rhythmic, melodious and lyrically vibrant. As common to Marcelo's production approach, he sings all the vocal parts and plays all the instruments, referencing years of experimenting with sound, soul, rock, ambient, crackling vinyl.... Summer in Winter is filled with creative ideas and entrancing sounds, a very original music that reaches out with positive vibes and multi-cultural painterly jangle. Available online through Titicacaman Records!

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"I believe this album is so absurdly accessible, so humbly articulate, so ridiculously moving and catchy, it has the stature of a Pynchon novel or the finest Vonnegut."

Collaboration with Neil Carlill.
Me Me The Moth is a favorite fast songs slowed down or played mid tempo in country styles experimental and the caravan of words brought to bear by singing in two voices with an armful of musical instruments. Take references to breakfast bed Beefheart, toast to Wire, canopies of Pere Ubu, floating in the air. Bitten by tattoos of moths, exchanging files between east and west coast. Each song is over soon and burns bright with invention, taking care with melody, bottleneck and hours to edit. Spaces are direct, music is the atmosphere.

New songs letting everything fly at high speeds... the outpour. Some type of Rock with an elastic beater, plays space not time... words at the forefront. Marcelo's singing has matured into a rough and emotive force and these quirky songs shape strangely beautiful images of creatures and events which seem to come from a dream world.