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R E E L A N C E :

Windows on Creation - Isadore and Rose Stein
Memorial Fuse Glass Panels (1999)
A work by glass artist James Stone

Art evokes feelings and promotes dialog. Art helps us express our emotional self through a commonality of experience. Though no one can express the world when it was new, this piece is designed to convey the emotions of the world during Genesis. Each moment of day and night allows the viewer a different glimpse of what the Genesis of our world might have looked and felt like. Different views tell different tales. The images relate the incredible story of creation, from the first day when God said: "Let there be light," to the seventh (Sabbath) day when God rested.

Experience this universe. Look closely to find clues to the story. The visible Hebrew indicates which areas of the work represent which days of creation. Look closely and you will see God's creations as described in the book of Genesis. You'll find the firmament...the waters...things of the sea...animals of the earth and sky. Look very closely you might find the Garden of Eden. Decide for yourself, are we watched at all times?

Can be viewed at Chabad of Rancho Bernardo
16934 Chabad Way, Poway 92064 - 1-858-451-0455
James Stone: Artist, Craftsman, and Project Coordinator
Louis Colosimo: Senior Designer
Marcelo Radulovich: Senior Artist
Mali Showalter: Lead Craftsman