M A R C E L O   R A D U L O V I C H :
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Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2002) - Available as a 3" CDR.

Title ( Real Audio ) :
01. 917 [20:55]

Sound collage account of the afternoon of September 17, 2002. 3 to 6pm.

With the 3pm it took this which I private record record, make the beach walking with my wife to the MiniDisc. During our walking, as for us outside their houses which have the speech of the sign where the people who accross are "free." The wood which it had it accumulated, and after we who start return to the house, I did the complete some person of the nail, which rusts choosing board. I approximately placed to removing these nails in my return, recorded this activity. Rear I went in and of the piano, played with a certain pattern, thing and recorded this. I possessed 25 minutes of walking, approximately 12 minutes of the thing which is struck with the hammer, and 10 minutes of piano.

Assembling these sources namely the attempt to unknot with 8:30, I entered the method in my studio and set I feeling first in day approximately. It is put, it is compiled, it is processed to pursue, afterwards there was a center for 917 in approximately 3 hours.

"917 is a simple but very effective piece. On the seventeenth of September Radulovich did some normal stuff, walked along the beach and near a road, improvised on his keyboards, did some chores. What was different is that he recorded them on his minidisk, and then edited them together as the piece found on this 3" cd. Simply atmospheric it combines the sound of waves, drifting synth lines, chopping and walking as percussive lines, intrusive vehicles, blowing and scraping to witness the passing of time. As with his other sample based works (the second Brain, the Thumb or the more recent Titicacaman) there is a deceptive simplicity in a suggestion of 'merely' placing things over and adjacent to each other. However the skill is in selecting which bits to use, the order so that a movement is created and getting the density right. This is not phonography, but the next step that here creates an atmospheric musique concrete. It takes an alchemist's skill to turn the everyday into auditory gold, and here we have it again."
Jeremy Keens (Ampersand Etcetera)