Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2003)
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Titles :
01. 917
02. Miel [20:41]
03. Indian [21:55]

"INDEX" stands as part 2 of an evolving 5-disc project, which aims at creating sound art pieces to follow the fingers on a hand, "(case of the missing) THUMB" released on Accretions Records in 2001, being part 1.

"INDEX" (this finger is usually associated with authority) is composed of:
1. "917," based on a phonography of the afternoon of September 17, 2002. It follows a walk from the artist's home to the ocean some 10 blocks away, and features piano patterns and hammering. This track depicts actions very much of this carnal plane. The sounds of footsteps encounter cars, birds, ordinary events. They start in suburbia and end moving through ocean water. The hammering suggests laboring, the piano presents a sense of harmony. The final result is a window to the events and mood of a period of 2 hours. All sound sources were recorded between 4 and 6pm, on 9/17/2002. The core structure was assembled later on that night, marking that date on the calendar.
"....It takes an alchemist's skill to turn the everyday into auditory gold, and here we have it again." Jeremy Keens (Ampersand Etcetera)

2. "Miel" is a processional, funeral piece, for the passing of Radulovich's father, produced in May of 2003. It is the boat which takes the spirit from this plane to the next, the soundtrack and tobacco for the voyage. Made up of treated samples of bells, shortwave radio, and improvisations by machine musicians. It moves through rings, and slow pulses, ghostly transmissions act as narrators, and software parameters set in Wind Chimes, an old program by Syntrillium, perform solos in this synthesis.

3. "Indian" is a powerful, rich drone occupying a space of very inviting magnitude. It marks the arrival and disposal of the boat, the entrance to a more ethereal place, a bodiless plane. It lulls and moves in a waking dream which fuses into white light. Composed of processed toy organ recordings made in 1981 when the artist lived on a street called Indian Way.

There's a great sense of balance in these three pieces. They compliment and support each other, and manage to tell a story of transcendence in a satisfyingly unconventional way.

This CD is dedicated to my father Nicolas Radulovich who died on the 24th of May, 2003.