+ B

Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios

Title :
01. A
02. B

HACO "A + B" is a collaboration with japanese vocalist / songwriter Haco. The source material was improvised at Titicacaman Studios in May of 2003, after Trummerflora's Spring Reverb Festival, in which both Haco and Radulovich performed.

The session began with a walk on the beach, with comments about light, surfers and the California shoreline. A chance for Haco to experience the So-Cal vibe, a dose of radiation to take back home to her husband Chris Stephens, Marcelo's old bandmate in The Assholes. Then, back to the studio, coffee for the host, Mate for the guest, and a few words about intent and "feel." The session yielded tranquil and mysterious pieces, marked by a language barrier. It turned into an experiment on intuition and inflection. The results were meditative and observant, made up of vocals, guitar and electronics.

The recordings were then edited and processed, first broken up into samples then reassembled into a sonic puzzle which captures and elaborates on the mood and space the artists discussed, with a few extra spices added after the fact by Radulovich.

The themes of rest and light are at the forefront of these pieces. They're shaped like comfortable rooms replete with pop sensibility, and have a way of cooly seducing the listener with a futuristic, storybook flow.