Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2007)
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Titles :
01. Turn On The Phone
02. Purge It from the World
03. Paris Ampheta
04. For Real
05. How It Goes
06. Evolution
07. Trying to Convince Me
08. Swastikas
09. Keep the Watch
10. Tartamudo
11. A Territorial Invasion
12. Sate Sane
13. Compra Siembra
14. In Case I Forgot to Mention

Mercurio is Marcelo's latest collection of songs. It is a fascinating and intriguing display of the artist's ever-growing musical vocabulary, recorded and produced at his home studio in Cardiff, CA between 2004 and 2007. In Mercurio, Marcelo plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals, focusing on creating a work that is deeply personal and singular, with lyrics that deal with the socio-political issues of today, family bonds and home, the omnipotent and the mangled stuff of the psyche. These are raw, emotive songs, some in English, some in Spanish, some in Gibberish. The music is dense and very colorful, rich with samples and textures interacting with an array of acoustic and electric instruments, moving in and out of time signatures in an improvisational fashion. The result is a sort of organized, microtonal, twisted and filtered soulful brew, concocted at the crossroads of experimental and pop.

ExtraSpecialGood Review:
Although highbrow electro-acoustic experimentation isnít a steady staple of my musical diet, Mercurio will probably have me second-guessing every time I pass over a Robert Fripp album. Clever, beguiling and compulsively listenable, Radulovich crafts a sonic playground atop the avant-garde pavement laid by Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and Faust. His playful, Dada-inspired wordplay isnít an entirely new concept, but the way itís contorted into foreign, glitchy noises with the use of computer technology suits the inventiveness of his soundscapes perfectly. If youíre looking for traditional pop songs, go elsewhere. If youíre looking for something fresh and deeply inspiring, Mercurio will be your muse. MS/marceloradulovich
óTodd Kroviak (San Diego CityBeat - 3/2008)

VIDEO: In Case I Forgot to Mention

VIDEO: Paris Ampheta