Recorded/Produced at TITICACAMAN Studios (2008) remix 2010
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Titles :
01. Vertigo at Lunchtime
02. Cacti Party
03. For My School
04. Manicomio Que Comio
05. Crow Squawk
06. Comunistas
07. Bone in the Meal
08. 20 Doses
09. En la Plaza
10. Homeless Things
11. Globo Globito
12. Why
13. Elvis Pelvis
14. The Sonar Wonder
15. Good Good

"Marcelo Radulovich is an auteur. On his latest album Vertigo at Lunchtime, and like it's very immediate predecessor Mercurio, all the sounds, words, ideas, songs, artwork and production come from the same source. Mercurio and Vertigo feel connected in a fraternal way, perhaps Mercurio represents evening into night and Vertigo at Lunchtime springs into life at dawn and takes us through the daylight hours. The opening track (and album title) is every inch the driving song with the listener emerging into a bright new morning full of twisting possibilities. ( "everything is A Ok cos' something good always turns up"). The mood is upbeat, positive, the melodies are delirious and catchy but we are being taken on this jaunt with an eye on the undertow, the underground tributaries where a good time can be thoughtful, introspective and surreal.

We are carried along on groves (waves on a beat) and the stories and incantations come through in Spanish and English, an international music full of emotional dictation and subtle observation that provides a chronicle of life and it's layers. We experience school thoughts (a nostalgia), food, a life lived by the sea by the desert by the city in the wilderness...

"Manicomio Que Comio" has a driving metallic rhythm and a melody line that is whistling catchy. Marcelo's vocal intones in Spanish the virtues of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. We are led into private fascinations during "Why" the surreal science of Elvis Presley myth in "Elvis Pelvis".

We visit some twisting roads where the automobile must slow down and enter the shade, "Globo Globito" and "En le Plaza" give us a howl in a study of vocal harmonies, it's a meditation and turns the spell into Fall colors. Before long we are back on to the clear nursery rhymes of Replacement, chimes sing and the music rolls along wave after wave , a bouncing tripping groove laden melting pot of styles and loving rhythms.

I want to mention the burlesque, the cheerleaders chant in "for my school", a soaring vocal performance that gives each song it's lofty elevation. How about peddling, a virulent vaccine, diamond overalls, llolipop crack and 20 doses of that.

The album resists the distant lamplights itchy glow as the day wanes!.

I believe this album is so absurdly accessible, so humbly articulate, so ridiculously moving and catchy, it has the stature of a Pynchon novel or the finest Vonnegut".
óNeil Carlill 2008